1. What is customs procedures?

First of all, let’s find out what the customs procedures service is and what forms it includes!

Customs procedures service is a job performed by service companies to help importers and exporters clear goods in the most convenient way. At the same time, the service provider will receive the service fee as agreed by the two parties in the contract.

There will be 2 main forms when using import and export customs services based on the representative who makes customs documents:

Customs clearance: For this form, the goods owner will make an introduction and transfer it to a service unit or individual for them to do the customs clearance on behalf of the goods owner. The direct service person will not appear the name of the legal entity (or individual) on the customs documents.

– Customs agent: For this service, the service company (individuals cannot do it) will use their own name along with digital signatures on declarations and duplicate documents to submit to customs and do customs clearance services for customers.

Customs procedures service

So how do you choose the form that’s right for you? Customers need to know clearly the needs, strengths and weaknesses of each item for consulting service companies to choose accordingly. Each type will have different strengths and weaknesses.

For example, the customs clearance service will usually be more popular and convenient for customers, but the declarant will not be responsible if any problems arise.

2. Customs service from A to Z concept

For a customs service from A to Z, it will include all related operations and costs, customers/shippers only need to provide documents, sign and stamp, and then receive the goods without having to do it themselves or pay anything other than the previously received quote.

However, in reality, there are many different types of goods, so the customs clearance procedures for each type will also be different. For easy shipments, the procedure and processing time will be simpler and shorter; on the contrary, for difficult shipments, the work and procedures will be more, take more time and effort for both the goods owner and the service provider.

Customs procedures

For an easy shipment, the business steps are relatively simple and can be done in the following steps:

– Making customs declarations according to the documents sent by the goods owner

– Prepare customs documents

– Submit documents, pay taxes and carry out customs clearance procedures for each shipment

However, as mentioned, there are many types of special goods that when doing customs procedures, it is necessary to have certain additional operations such as:

Apply for an import-export license: this is the first step to do and the most important, because if you don’t have an import-export license but you have to make a customs declaration, the penalty rate is very high.

Specialized inspection: includes many different types of inspection such as quarantine, fumigation, registration, quality inspection, chemical declaration… Depending on the type of inspection, there will be separate fees. These costs can be combined if the customer uses a customs service from A to Z.

Inspection: will be done by customs officers. They will use specialized equipment such as scanners and inspection tools to physically check the goods. Regardless of the declaration of the red channel, the yellow channel or the green channel, if there is a question that needs to be checked, the cost of lifting and lowering the container, cutting lead, fostering, … will be incurred. Therefore, you should consider using a package customs service to avoid these additional costs.

Price consultation, post-clearance inspection: This step rarely happens but is not absent. For items that are prone to high price risk and customs suspect that the declared price is lower than the actual value, such items will have to go to the step of price consultation or post-clearance inspection. Of course, this is the part that is incurred, so it will lead to more costs in the total quote. So you should work specifically with the customs service provider on this issue.

Refund of import tax and VAT for imported goods: this operation rarely happens, but it is often seen in cases of debt C/O & paying enough tax to clear goods first, and then have C/O just paid and applied for a tax refund. This service, although additional, will take a lot of time, so it is usually not included in the customs clearance service. What happens after the goods have been cleared like this, should be calculated separately for clarity, to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding between you and the package customs service provider.

Professional customs clearance service in Ho Chi Minh

3. Who needs to use customs procedures service?

Inexperienced shippers: Do not know the specific operations to clear a shipment, so it is very difficult to complete the procedures, and need certain operations. Inexperienced shippers should hire a service party to do it from start to finish, until the goods are cleared.

Shippers want to hire a service party to do it all: Convenient and instead of having to hire each stage to be a service party, having to work and provide documents for many parties, the goods owner just needs to contact and work. Directly with 1 party for full customs clearance support.

Shippers want to reduce the risk of incurring unexpected costs: If the goods owner does not know the business when doing import and export, he will not know the costs and expenses incurred, leading to many risks and costs. costs more than expected. This further confirms that shippers should choose and work with a reputable service company if they want to minimize the risks of unexpected costs as much as possible.

customs clearance service

4. Customs procedures service of Toho Taha

Bên cạnh dịch vụ hải quan trọn gói, Toho Taha còn có các dịch vụ về book cước, trucking nội địadịch vụ ủy thác xuất nhập khẩu chuyên nghiệp, tiết kiệm nhiều chi phí cho quý Khách Hàng.

Nếu bạn cần tư vấn, vui lòng liên hệ với Toho Taha qua hotline hoặc zalo: 0917 00 99 68 (Mr.Thái) hoặc email info@tohotaha.com.vn để được hỗ trợ và báo giá nhanh chóng nhất.

Toho Taha is currently one of the newly established units but is led by leaders who have more than 10 years of experience in the field of import and export along with a young and enthusiastic staff, dedicated to customers. Row. With the mission of always bringing the best value, optimizing processes and costs for Customers, Customers can rest assured to choose Toho Taha’s customs procedures service from A to Z.

In addition to customs procedures service from A to Z, Toho Taha also has services of freight booking, trucking and entrusted import- export, saving a lot of costs for customers.

If you need advice, please contact Toho Taha via hotline or zalo: 0917 00 99 68 (Mr.Thai) or email info@tohotaha.com.vn for the fastest support and quotation.


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