We are

The collective of young and dynamic members is led by a leader with more than 10 years of experience in the field of import and export. Although we are new, we are people who are always enthusiastic about work, enthusiastic with customers, taking customers as the center, bringing the most optimal logistics solutions in import and export.


Toho Taha was born with the mission of providing comprehensive and effective logistics solutions for import and export businesses.

Come by the heart, processed by vesion.

In line with the mission and goals set. Toho Taha is confident that it will be the most reliable partner for customers. With our enthusiastic dedication, we provide our customers with professional services, but still ensure to optimize the costs, time and human resources of our customers in trading goods.

Toho Taha is led by captain Hoang Duy Thai with more than 10 years of experience in the field of import and export – Logistics along with dynamic, inquisitive personnel who have good relationships with many individuals and businesses. in the industry. Therefore, we are very confident about the competitive domestic and international freight rates compared to the market as well as reputable and professional customs clearance services.


Tohotaha wishes to become a leading professional and reputable partner in providing transportation services and customs clearance services in Vietnam, in Southeast Asia and the whole world.


Bringing to customers the most convenient, optimal and convenient trucking solutions, and quick and accurate customs clearance along with competitive freight rates in the market.

Core values

TOHO TAHA always puts RESPONSIBILITY, ENJOYMENT and ENVIRONMENT above all to be able to bring customers the most optimal services in terms of both time and cost.


The staff is enthusiastic and well-trained in expertise, professionalism and customer care.

Ready to listen and accept the opinions and contributions of customers to improve service quality and better prices.

Committed to providing customers with professional, reputable and optimal services in terms of time, cost and human resources.